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May, 2020

Refund/Donate League Fee

With the 2020 season cancelled we are working on refunding the 2020 registration fee. In order for the refund to be processed you must complete the Google Doc (below). This form is used so we can track the refunds and have an auditing trail for the league. Once you have completed the form we will start the process of your refund. Please only complete the form once. This process can take 2-3 weeks as we have 2 people working on the refunds to make sure that everything that goes out is accurate. 

You also have the option to donate your fee to the league and there is a spot on the form to note that you are donating your fee.

Please only complete 1 form as it takes us more time to decipher the forms to make sure you are refunded properly.

Here is the link to the form to be completed for either a refund or donation to the league -

We appreciate your patience as this is new to the League and refunding over 200 players is a lot of work.

If you have any questions regarding your refund you can reach out to our Treasurer, Sherrie Burton at [email protected]

We hope to see you for Fall Ball or for Spring 2021!!!

Kristina Mayhew
VP North Whidbey Little League

Sherrie Burton
Treasurer North Whidbey Little League

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